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The Most Unusual Winter Sports

Sometimes unusual winter sports appear due to the fact that someone was bored and decided to come up with something new and exciting. For example the inventors of snowkiting, most likely, suffered from a lack kitesurfing because of the winter. On the other hand what has once been a habitual daily activity in a particular locality, due to climatic conditions, can become a sport itself. For instance riding dog sleds in the Far North is still a reliable way of transportation, but for the rest of the world it is nothing more than just sport. We present you top-10 of the most unusual winter sports from all over the world.

Ice Karting


Except the fact that the ice-kart is adapted for driving on ice, there are no other fundamental differences with a regular kart. As a hobby racers can drive the vehicle on their one, or it can become a competition, a sport with the participation of several pilots. Any large frozen ponds can be suitable for ice-karting.

Winter Polo

The rules in the winter polo are the same as in the traditional polo with the only difference is that the ball is bigger and it must have a bright color, red or orange. This sport is the most popular in Europe, especially in Switzerland.


Snowkiting is a winter variety of kitesurfing. The most important component of snowkiting is a kite that performs the function of a tractor, and a snowboard or skiis can perform a role of skiing device. The founder of this unusual winter sports is a German paraglider, Dieter Strasilla. The most popular discipline in this sport is racing, also there are competition on snowkiting freestyle.


An unusual variety of hockey. The rules do not differ from hockey, equipment in general , is the same – athletes need a helmet and protection are necessary. However there are also differences – players do not use skates, they wear special shoes, and instead of a hockey-stick they utilize brooms. Broomball was invented by Canadians in the beginning of XX century, and now the game is common in the US, Australia, Japan and some European countries. The world broomball championship is hosted in Canada, and Canadians expect to increase the popularity of broomball to the level of the Olympic sport.

Dogsleds riding

It might be not the most unusual winter sports in our link, but probably the most famous among them. Dog sleds are associated with the adventures of brave explorers, with “White Fang” and the times of the Alaskan gold rush. If you want to know what the first polar expedititors experienced, conquering the north with the help of dogs, you can go on a many-day trek – such an experience can be obtained in Alaska.

Winter diving

Diving in winter is not an easy task requiring thorough diving training and the use of special equipment. Instead of a psychedelic variety of colors and forms of the southern underwater world, a different beauty awaits the divers in the north. Under the water ice can look like a polished monolith or like stucco; it can form real labyrinths with caves. Do not think that under the ice you will not find anything but the ice itself. You can see fish and seaweed – it goes without saying, but also you can meet those mammals that feel perfectly in ice water. For example, at Baikal Lake, which considered being one of the best places for ice diving, there is a high probability of hitting upon a seal.



The principle of skijoring is the same as in water skiing, the difference is that instead of water snow-covered fields are utilizing, and instead of a man-steered boat – a horse. A horse can be rode by another person or there is a riskier option when the skier directly controls a horse. Another type of skijoring is a combination of a skier and dog, or, what is even more exotic, is when instead of a horse or a dog skiers use a reindeer. However, skiing using an SUV or snowmobile as a tug also has the full right to be called skijoring.

Snow bike (ski bike)

This vehicle was invented in America, however it became more popular at European ski resorts. There can be variations of this ‘vehicle’ – as a basis there can be used a bicycle or even a motorcycle with a ski instead of a front wheal, or both wheals can be replaces by skis

Ice boating (boeier)

A construction of a boeier includes sails, hull and three short steel skates. The rear skate is designed to steer the boat. Ice boats can show impressive speed which depends on the surface of the ice and the wind.

Ice climbing

A variety of mountain climbing. The most extreme athletes, instead of climbing icy mountain slops choose frozen waterfalls.