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How Snowboarding has Been Gaining on the Popularity of Skiing

Snowboarding lovers have had the best of their time participating in this winter sport. Over the years, snowboarding has been gaining popularity in America. With kids out doing older people in the sport, more participation has been observed. In the last 15 years, major developments in the snowboarding sport came into place. In the earlier years, there was a constant controversy between the snowboarders and the skiers. This involved denied access of snowboarders on the use of snowboarding facilities such as the skiing ways and parks. The skiers believed that snowboarders who had less experience could sweep away the ice from the hill hence compromising skiing. With the modern developments in snowboarding, more complete equipment has been designed to make snowboarding sport interesting. The lifting of the ban on snowboarders, by ski association has seen the sport gain popularity.

Snowboarding at Winter X Games

High profile snowboarding events that include Winter X games, US open, the Olympic games are widely aired on Tv channels making the sport more popular. Additionally, the sport attracted over 6 million participants in 2004. This was a high number that saw more people join the sport in Canada and USA.

The popularity of this sport was featured in equipment sales in the past 10 to 15 years. According to snowboarders store owners, the sport became popular such that most of the equipment ran out of stock. The fact that this sport comes during the winter, its popularity has been seen to rise with the upcoming of skiing sports among the young generation. With major key figures involved, they still put snowboarding on the map; it has been hard for the sport to get down, instead, in the last 15 years, the sport has been at its peak attracting the attention of new fans and creating a new fan base each and every other Olympic and sporting season.

The iconic figures who have won several medals in the snowboarding sport include; Shaun White, Hannah Teter, Scotty Lago. These key people are so famous for setting world records. These greatest world champions have on several occasions helped various tournaments and coaching roles in training youngsters on how the snowboarding is done. They have also been on the forefront in donating equipment to support snowboarding. With the confusion between skiing and snowboarding, Olympic champions have been around to give the difference between the two sports. Despite some famous resorts in America burning snowboarding, others have embraced the sport and maintained it as a recreational activity over the modern skiing.
Snowboarding tutorials are easy to master as compared to skiing hence a majority of people have been participating in snowboarding as new snowboarders take a short time to master the skill.

Lastly, the cost of snowboarding equipment over the years has been cheap compared to the skiing equipment. The high sales, according to the store owners that sale snowboarding equipment means that the sport has been gaining popularity.


In conclusion, the popularity of skiing has had an impact on the development of the snowboarding sport. This has had an equivalent growth of snowboarding fan base over the years. The tremendous contributions of the world champions in this sport has improved the status of snowboarding.