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Competitive Snowboarders – How Do They Make a Living?

Competitive snowboarding began in the 1970s, where the main attraction was seeing who could get down the slope the fastest. The sport of snowboarding has since evolved to be a worldwide attraction that gets millions of views on television each year. One of the biggest events of the year for sports is the X Games, and the main attraction of the Winter X Games has been the different snowboarding competitions. With that being said, let’s take a closer look as to how professional snowboarders make a living from snowboarding.



One of the biggest revenue streams for professional snowboarders is sponsorships. They are usually paid by sponsors to represent their brand. Some of the most popular sponsorships include brands that produce snowboards, energy drinks, and skate companies. These sponsors pay riders based on their experience and their resume. A professional like Shaun White, who is known all around the world, is paid nearly seven figures on his sponsorships alone!
Snowboarders will also find themselves the center of different magazines. There are many popular snowboarding magazines like Transworld Snowboarding, Snowboard Magazine, and Whitelines. These companies will pay and fly out famous snowboarders to their studios to do photo shoots with and get an exclusive interview with. Snowboarders are a hot commodity and magazines all around the world big for big names to come to their studios to have an interview. Depending on the name and reputation of the snowboarder, magazines have been known to offer up to six figures for an interview and photoshoot!

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Another huge income earner for professional snowboarders is media. One of the most sought after stunt persons are snowboarders! There are film companies that exclusively hire snowboarders to come and do stunts for them. One such example of a movie is The White Album, a film that centers on Shaun White. This film had some big names come in to shoot for it like Tony Hawk. These films are not only meant for the masses, but there are also companies that hire snowboarders to film to create montages of their work.
Another great example of snowboarders in the media are video games. There have been several instances where gaming companies have hired snowboarders to perform actions so that their video games resemble the real thing. One such example of a game is Shaun White Snowboarding. This game was completely modeled after Shaun White and was meant to be as realistic as possible. There are a ton of video games since that have come out, each trying to provide the realest experience.

Although the sport has been losing popularity, snowboarding is still a huge part of many people’s lives. Some of the top snowboarders are making millions of dollars a year to go around and compete in the Olympics or the X Games.  Sponsors are a huge part of Snowboarding as they provide a big revenue stream to the snowboarders and even help the athlete by paying for their trips to the events. Professional snowboarding will never die and will always be a great sport that will also be high energy and high adrenaline.