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Trade Shows and Events in Snow Sports Gear and Fashion

Winter sports has been gaining considerable amounts of popularity across the globe. More and more people are participating in various winter sports categories either competitively or as a past time activity. However, finding the best snow sports gear has always been a tough undertaking for many. Most stores only stock popular brands which are not necessarily the best. Winter sports professionals try and find the best brands which give them an edge in competitions. If you are looking to improve your snow sports skills then it must the best gear. But where do you find the best gear when there is very little documentation about winter sports gear. The answer is trade shows and here are top four trade shows.

Before we come down to reviewing the most popular shows I would like to give a shout out to my good friends at Exhibe Corporation. I have exhibited in the past at some of the snow sports shows and they have always produced great looking pop up trade show displays and high-end graphics for me. If it is something of your interest you can view their site at Now that i have gotten that out of the way we can move on to the meat and potatoes of this blog post. I welcome any feeback you might have on the subject below.

SIA snow show

Ski Dazzle Show

Ski Dazzle show is a ski and snowboard expo designed to bring together exhibitors and winter sports fanatics. The event is held in Convention Center in Los Angeles. Event organizers look forward to expose buyers to the latest technology in snow sports. Small time exhibitors can create a name for themselves by impressing attendees with their snow gear. Popular brands also attend the expo with their latest snow sports gear. Those interest in selling their used snowboards and skis are also invited to the event. Ski Dazzle is held during the first week of December every year. Free ski lessons and family entertainment is provided at the event.

SIA Snow Show

Snow Sports Industries America (SIA) is winter sports biggest trade show attracting thousands of attendees from across the globe. Exhibitors showcase their cutting edge snow sports gear and fashion with the goal of improving winter sports. The event is held in Denver and Vancouver. Participants can sign up for the event as exhibitors or attendees. If you are looking for latest snowboards, skis, and fashion attending this event is a must. You can stay updated on the event by following their Facebook page, twitter or downloading their app. Always to make a date of attending it.

BEWI Skis and Snowboards Expo

BEWI Skis and Snowboards also known as Skis Now Expo is held in two major cities namely Boston and Denver. Skis Now Expo attracts some of the big manufacturers in snow sports. The event is held in the first week of November in both cities. If you are planning to get the best snow gear at a great discount then you shouldn’t miss this event. The events attract thousands of winter game lovers with the goal of educating them about the sport. You can subscribe to be on their mailing list if you will be always want to be updated about the event. All exhibitioners are invited to showcase their ware on the show.